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March of the cyborgs

-Tech for Good 2020

Tech For Good talks to Lama Nachman, famous for her work with Stephen Hawking, as well as Dr Rylie Green and Dr David Martin about the medical possibilities of AI-human collaboration

Shinning a light on plant’s dark matter

-Tech for Good 2020-

Brightseed’s co-founder and CTO, Lee Chae, speaks to Tech for Good about Forager, the AI tool developed by the company to discover the untapped health benefits of phytonutrients.

Viasat: Bringing internet down to Earth

-Digital Bulletin 2020-

Viasat has a simple plan: to provide connectivity to the whole globe. Digital Bulletin speaks to Rick Baldridge, Viasat’s recently appointed CEO, about the its new satellite constellation, the acquisition of Euro Broadband Infrastructure and its plans for global expansion in light of a new generation of companies entering the satellite space


Europe bets on innovation

Tech for Good 2020

As the second COVID-19 wave hits Europe, Tech for Good speaks to Teresa Riesgo, Spain’s Secretary-General for Innovation, and other European leaders to find out how the continent’s public sector is investing in innovation to counteract the medical and economic consequences of the pandemic

We don’t need another Princess Diana movie

-Teen Vogue 2021-

In this op-ed writer, Beatriz Valero de Urquía unpacks the problem with Hollywood’s interest in retelling Princess Diana’s life story and tragic death. 

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